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Jeremy is a visionary genius, he works at SHOES & SHOES Inc., he invented a new type of shoes, more comfortable than others,more cheaper than others using only BANANAS (and a lot of money in R&D).

But there is one problem: using these shoes is impossible! You slip all over the place!

His BOSS wanted to fire him for this bad idea, but he gave to Jeremy ONE last chance:
if Jeremy will pass the product test with his invention then will not be fired!

Every level is a TEST ROOM for the 'banana shoes' product.
You have to collect all the FLAGS to pass the test.
If you get stuck or you slip forever you can RETRY (yellow arrow).
Too many attempts? You fail. Too much time? You fail.

Tap USE TILT to use device sensors and tilt the device to move Jeremy or simply tap the arrows in the display borders.
PS: use TILT only if you are using your device in plain :o

A nice puzzle game with enough levels to make you mad.

Average sessionA few minutes

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